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This is a site made to improve your life and enhance your well-being. You will find useful info on nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine, music therapy and a whole lot more. Something here for the serious and even the 'just curious' Astrology studenten. Enjoy!

Current Projects, Ideas, & Research... available for viewing.

Alcoholism: general chart pattern

the Ankh

Aspects, Planets & Chakras 60deg=Jupiter=2nd chakra


Comet Hale-Bopp Its use in Astrology. Now includes latest info on Comets Lemmon & ISON. Check it out!


Eclipses Up and coming Aug 21st 2017, make the best of it! Forwarned/Forearmed

Harmony of Inconjuncts

Moon & potass = nurturance/passive; Mars & sodium = aggressive/active

Natal Planets & Chakras Natal in 2,12,11,9,7,6,4 houses affect chakras

Die it: AIDS & Nutrition

Planets & Signs 7x7 Jup=Pisces

Shuttles Challenger & Columbia

Signs & Numerology

Star of Bethelhem

the 5 Elements & Medical Astrology: the psycho/physical/emotional connection

Related info: A BAREFOOT DOCTOR'S MANUAL. Encompassing all you need to know in the use of food as medicine.

MUSICAL ASTROLOGY (or Music of the Spheres) as a therapeutic tool.

MANUSCRIPTIA is a selected list which I culled from Rare and Out-of-Print Books of the Vatican Film Library.

Unrelated info: BUDDHA/ANN LANDERS/ETC. is a file of excerpts for the general entertainment of the reader.

Lori and Mitchell's first trip to Wine/Champagne country is a series of photos and excerpts from daily diary.

Mitchell's second trip to Same Place is again the same thing.






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    Who am I? Mitchell Kaye. Writer, author, musician, researcher, performing artist. Want more? See complete BIOGRAPHY

    Mr Kaye is an experienced public speaker on issues such as US Stock Market Trends/Cycles, Eastern religion/beliefs, Ancient Music history, Astronomy and Astrology, Earthquake Prediction, Healing w/ Music, and Sociological issues. Please contact via email to schedule a speaking engagement or for more information.

    Mitchell Kaye
    Created: Dec 11, 1995
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